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We offer complete, safe and effective deep cleaning, sanitize and disinfection services for your entire space.Our quality solutions can dramatically reduce or eliminate dust mites, bugs, insects, germs, allergens that contaminate your facility.

All security officers use modern safety equipment i.e. hand-held metal detectors, security locks, CCTV, etc. and are skilled to provide efficient security services to people and property.

Security Guard's Profile

Security guards possess a high school education or its equivalent and are able to read, write and follow written and spoken instructions (Arabic and/or English). It is a must that the security guards that we provide are expected to have good character references, good health - especially ocular and auditory abilities, and superior personal habits and attributes such as neatness and dependability. They are mentally alert, emotionally stable and physically fit to deal with emergencies.

All security personnel are certified and trained with the following..

Physical fitness test
Firefighting and handling fire extinguishers
Evacuation procedures during emergencies
Emergency reporting protocols and security & communication skills
Basic first aid knowledge